.About Ronaliza Ltd


Ronaliza Ltd. is one of Israel's leading paramedical cosmetic companies. Ronaliza Ltd. has developed a program of studies on paramedical peelings, acne, seborrhea, telangiectasias (small dilated blood vessels near the surface of the skin) treatment and skin rejuvenation.

Ronaliza Ltd. is a dynamic and state-of-the-art company when it comes to innovative products in practical cosmetics. Beauty salons around the country and medical clinics employ treatment methods developed by Ronaliza Ltd.

The conpany has developed the following products:

Skin cleaning and clog-dissolving products.
Acne healing products.
Skin toning mask products.
Hydrating products.
Sunscreen products.
Peeling masks.

Ronaliza Ltd.'s Active Ingredients

A combination of acids with soluble and curative substances hydrates the skin and minimizes the appereance of creases and wrinkles.

Active ingredients interacting with paramedical ingredients help to:

Lock moisture into dry skin.
Remove pigmentation marks incurred through sun exposure, aging or acne.
Alleviate symptoms caused by Roaccutane – dry mucous membranes, peeling and pus discharge.
Offer an innovative way of treating seborrhea.
Treat skin problems such as: telangiectasias, angiomas, adenomas, seborrheic keratosis and skin tags.

These products offer the following benefits:

Enhanced skin clarity.
Enhanced skin softness and suppleness.
Reduced weinkles.
Enhanced skin hydration and restoration of skin's natural moisture.
Prevention of chapped skin.
Healing and curing wounds.

These products contain natural ingredients with optimal activity level and excellent results.